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serum w BioLAK
When we are at the office every day, the high energy visible from computers, cell phones, projectors and electronic devices, negatively affects the skin gradually, affecting the skin and increasing skin pigmentation, darkening. It also makes us feel more difficult to sleep and our skin lose its vitality.
We currently have the following product lines to help the skin healthy.
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? YOUTH Serum – strengthens the skin barrier, deeply moisturizes to help smooth and rejuvenate the skin
You use 2-3 drops is sufficient for skin with nutrients from seeds such as #ceramide #cytokinins #zeatin
Please refer to the product at:
? Balanced and hydrating toner hydrosol – you can use toner hydrosol to hydrate your skin whenever you find it is oily or dry, especially after using tap water, under sunlight making our skin dry, dehydrated skin.
Please refer to the product at:
? The final assistant to help your skin healthy is YOU. Despite of how many good products you are using, please arrange relaxation and reasonable use of electronic devices so it will not affect to your skin health.
Please share with us your skin condition, about the body changing process you are dealing with so that we can provide further advice at

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