The first Vietnamese company achieved Non-GMO Certification for cosmetic products.

Certified for business quality by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT)

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 Conservation garden

Conservation is always one of the missions and aspirations that Bio LAK pursues. We aspire to nurture seeds into gardens, so that Vietnamese native plants are not only in our memory, but also for future generations.

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Throughout our journey, we pursue three core values

Planet Earth




Save The Planet


Each plant found and planted in our garden is the symbol of caring and the aspiration of many people to conserve Vietnamese plants. To us, it is difficult and challenging but also a meaningful and memorable journey.

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R&D by experts

Each of our products are sourced – studied – tested with numerous plants from Vietnamese flora. Select the most outstanding ingredients for our products.

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Our production site is granted license by the Hanoi Department of Health.


The soil and water resources at the gardens has been tested to meet the standard of the Institute for Agricultural Environment (IAE)

Customer stories

lamthuphuong 1 BioLAK

Ms Lâm Thu Phương

Make Up Artist | Founder Lâm Thu Phương Make-up Academy

“I really like using Bio LAK perilla leave powder. In addition to using it as a mask, I also often use it to detox my body. Since I used Bio LAK perilla leave powder, it is very convenient so I just need to mix it with water. My child has a fever, I let him drink this powder to lower the fever. It’s great! When I have acne, I apply Bio LAK perilla face mask, the acne is disappear and the skin is brighter.”

giaogiaov2 BioLAK

Ms Giao Giao Giao

Lifestyle Expert | Founder Hội quán tuyệt diệu

“I really love Bio LAK products – especially their herbal mouthwash and skin rejuvenation serum, I believe anyone who try it will feel its difference.”

nguyenthuytien 1 BioLAK

Ms Nguyễn Thủy Tiên

Co-Founder BCNV – Mạng lưới ung thư vú VIệt Nam

“Tin tưởng vô cùng vào tâm sức của đội ngũ sáng lập vào tình yêu cây bản địa. Mùi thiên nhiên ngập trong từng sản phẩm. Một trong những sản phẩm yêu thích nhất của mình là rửa mặt quả găng, thơm tự nhiên (super), sạch, ít bọt. Tiết kiệm thời gian vô cùng và vẫn cho mình cảm giác sạch nhưng ko phải rửa thật kỹ để làm sạch hoá Mỹ phẩm còn sót lại trên mặt.”

phothivuthu BioLAK

Ms Phó Thị Vũ Thư

Piano Artist & Lecturer

“I have been using Bio LAK products for 4 years. Previously, my skin was dark and had melasma. However, since I used Bio LAK’s full range of products from makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, day and night cream, perilla powder, … regularly using them. My skin has improved a lot. My skin is healthier, more beautiful and when put on makeup it looks smoother.”

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