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When we are at the office every day, the high energy visible from computers, cell phones, projectors and electronic devices, negatively affects the skin gradually, affecting the skin and increasing skin pigmentation, darkening. It also makes...

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Plant nurture plants

When looking for a gardening model, we love permaculture farming. It is the interaction between animals and plants, the symbiosis between one tree and another, the protection the big plants provided to small plants, the sustainable...

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Production ingredients of Bio LAK

We always look for Vietnamese plants for Bio LAK production ingredients, especially new species, so that more Vietnamese people will know about it. However, one of the difficulty that Bio LAK face with, is that new...

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Bio LAK perilla leaf powder & its application in daily life

Among the spices, we find that perilla can be used in more medicinal treatment than others. You can drink it to detox, to have a good digestion, to relieve headache, sore throat, or cold. Not only...

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From this ????????, we will have a new location to sell Bio LAK products, which is at the ??? by JW, JW Marriott Hanoi, No. 8 Do Duc Duc str., Me Tri ward, Nam Tu Liem...

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In winter, the skin is often dry. We see that not only using products to moisturize the skin, choosing the right face cleanser is also very important. It will help the skin not to produce too...

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Vietnamese plants always make us surprise in our journey. “Compact foundation” leaves is one of those exciting new experiences. This leaf is used as a natural compact foundation in an ancient beauty skincare of Vietnamese girls....

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Wedelia chinensis belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is a plant that our parents used to bathe us when we were kids. It is used to treat our pimples, and heat rashes in summer. Wedelia chinensis...

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