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Bio LAK conservation garden

Conservation garden


Conservation is always one of the missions and aspirations that Bio LAK pursues. We aspire to nurture seeds into gardens, so that Vietnamese native plants are not only in our memory, but also for future generations.

Vietnamese plants are cultivated at Bio LAK gardens in Quoc Oai (Hanoi), Hoa Binh and the Central Highlands.

Why does bio lak pursue the journey of conserving vietnamese native plants?

Until now, in my memory, the scent of native plants is still clearly visible. I could never forget the pleasing sweetness of the Vietnamese round and flat pumpkin, the nectar from Malvaviscus, … and the simple childhood games of making bracelets from seeds of Coix lacryma-jobi plants, and colors drawn from plants such as the native Gardenia or malabar spinach …


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Our childhood were days of playing in a herbal garden and surrounded with Vietnamese native plants which is hard to find today. The more countries we travel, the more we understand richness of Vietnamese flora and love the native plants. Therefore, we want to preserve it.

A dream about a green garden

Since 2016 with continuous trips to look for endangered Vietnamese plants and starting its nursery for conservation purpose, we have spent a lot of time in planting trees because we know that a big tree can’t grow in one day and a forest garden can’t be established in one year.

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Thanks to the connections and supports from friends, relatives and even strangers, Bio LAK has found many native plants. Those continuing supports are great motivations for us in this challenging journey.

Each plant found and planted in our garden is the symbol of caring and the aspiration of many people to conserve Vietnamese plants. To us, it is difficult and challenging but also a meaningful and memorable journey.

At Bio LAK garden, there are many three-months old and eighteen-months old plants, which are growing up and awaiting to be harvested. Many others are being propagated. There are also two years old or even older plants that are not ready to harvest. Some are weak and die …Preservation journey bring us valuable experiences.


The garden has taught us great lessons about patience with choices that we are pursuing, with the dream become true through each year, with the products produced from native plants.

Dù những bước đi chưa thể nhanh và còn thật nhiều thử thách, việc nỗ lực ươm trồng vẫn luôn là điều mà chúng mình hướng tới mỗi ngày để khu vườn Bio LAK ngày một xanh tươi, hướng đến giá trị bảo tồn mà chúng mình luôn tâm huyết.

What is at bio LAK garden?

The garden teaches us PATIENCE: PATIENCE to wait for the plants to grow from SEEDS. PATIENCE to wait for each green buds growing from little stems from this month to next month, from this year to next year.

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The garden teaches us LOVE: LOVE the chickens doing hard work in seaching for worms in the garden. LOVE dilligent bees sucking flowers honey.

The garden teaches us SHARING: SHARING fruits with birds in the garden. SHARING soy beans with the soil to nurture it.

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