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Bio LAK perilla leaf powder & its application in daily life

4Z4A2985 BioLAK

Among the spices, we find that perilla can be used in more medicinal treatment than others. You can drink it to detox, to have a good digestion, to relieve headache, sore throat, or cold. Not only that, perilla is also an effective skin care ingredient to make the skin smoother and reduce pigmentation.

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You can mix 2gr of Bio LAK perilla leaf powder (equivalent to 1 teaspoon) with 100ml-200ml warm water every morning to detox your body.

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The elderly drinking perilla leaf powder will reduce body aches when the weather changes. For people with gout disease, the leaves help a lot in reducing pain. Or people who want to get weight loss, can drink the powder regularly. It will support the metabolism acceleration, increasing burning fat activities in the body.

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Bio LAK’s native perilla powder is produced 100% from curly perilla leaves, chemical-free cultivation at Bio LAK garden, using cold freezer for more than 30 hours to retain its special scent and nutrients, then using marble grinder to make the powder. Bio LAK’s perilla leaf powder is very light and economical to use because it is harvested from leaves. The production process is completely in a closed production chain with modern equipment. This is also the product that Bio LAK has achieved the globally recognized Non-GMO certification.

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The smell and taste of the native perilla leaf powder may be different, depending on the harvesting time and the weather.

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