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How do you “apply” your skin care products?

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Do you rub your fingers with facial cream on your face and spread it evenly? Or do you put the product into the hand palm and rub it on your face skin?
Your fingertips really have their power.

The ring finger is the weakest one which is suitable for you to apply the product around the eyes area (this skin is very sensitive and only 1/10 as thin as the face skin, and it is where you will quickly see the environmental impact and aging signal).

If you use your fingers at the same time to apply the cream or use the hand palm, they will create a strong rubbing force, impacting the face skin, and resulting in the loss of the natural hydrolipid layer barrier. When you repeat this routine regularly, your skin will quickly get wrinkles.

However, the hand palm will be very useful for face care. That is when you warm it up, it will generate heat. You can put the cream on the palm and apply it to your face. Then, use your fingers to pat the product evenly on your face. Remember to use your ring finger to care for your eyes’ skin area.

Please refer to Bio LAK’s skin care products at and experience the difference

Beauty care requires regular practice with good habits, understanding, and listening to your body.

Wish you always shining.

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