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Taking care your body with Body & Massage Oil

4Z4A3147 BioLAK

Taking care of your body skin seems to be less priority than the face skin. However, we think that, in order not to have a dry leg skin in cold winter, or to have a smooth shoulder skin in hot summer, we need to take care and “nourish” the skin cells to keep its elasticity. Not only moisturizing the skin with fatty acids in the oil, but also providing necessary nutrients to the skin.

Depending on each oil characteristic, they will bring different benefits to your skin. We used Vietnamese seeds to press oil such as sachi, passion fruit and tamanu to nurture the body skin based on the biologically active ingredients of the oils.

The suitable ratio combination of these 3 oils help the body skin to absorb it quickly without greasy feeling and does not clog pores. The nutrients in these 3 seeds contain fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6, antioxidant-rich vitamins such as vitamins A, E, C and carotenoids, which help inflamatory, antibacterial, and smooth the skin. Bio LAK has two versions of body oils that are AN and SHINING.

4Z4A3406 BioLAK

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