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????? ????? – ????????????

serumYouth2 w BioLAK

A truly hydrating experience with the rejuvenating ????? serum. After applying the serum to your skin by warm hand, the skin will absorb nutrients such as ceramide to help moisturize and strengthen skin protection, together with Cytokinins and Zeatin – the plant extracts – facilitate the skin to recover, and reduce wrinkles.

In addition, with a high share of vitamin C from moringa, 8 times compared to oranges, the serum will increase collagen in the skin. The high amounts of Oleic acid nourish and bring vitality to prematurely aging skin. The above nutrients are extracted from native plant sources such as perilla, moringa, and pure essential oil.

We would like to bring to customers a product that contains sufficient essence from native herbs and bring the experience that needs to have in a cosmetic serum product that absorbs effectively to the skin, without chemicals, so that anyone, from the most sensitive skin to pregnant women, can use it without concerns.

With only 1-2 drops of serum applied directly to the skin by fingertips, the serum will be absorbed promptly into the skin. You could see smoother skin after using it.

The product is not only used to smooth the skin, but also to moisturize before the makeup steps, helping the makeup layer to last longer and look the most natural.

Please refer to more products at or message us at for further advice.

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